“Engineering Art of the Century” Company, possessed of an experienced team of experts, has been able to create beautiful and practical designs. Through cooperation and consultation, a group comprised of industrial designers, architects, sculptors, craftsmen and other artists, together with well-experienced engineers, have been able to add up the element of aesthetics to the functionality of the designed works. Each product or place designed by the designers of this company is in line with the current and future needs of the users, in which the element of identity plays a significant role.

The main activities of the company are included:

Design of furniture and urban furniture
Landscape design

Design and construction of prefabricated buildings with modern and smart materials

Design and construction of urban monuments and sculptures
Design and construction of handicraft products

Design of residential, villa, office and commercial buildings
Design of special tent structures
Design of personal items
Accessory design
Interior design of special places

Design and construction of geodesic, orbital, irregular radar, telecommunications and non-wavy spheres, military and educational structures and products.