If you are looking for Unique, Different and Distinctive design,
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Here is “Engineering Art of the Century

The “Art of Engineering” company was founded by Abbas Eftekhari in 2001 and after gaining various experiences it expanded its professional activities as a knowledge-based company under the new title “Engineering Art of the Century” at the University of Tehran, Science and Technology Park in 2016. This Company is based on the knowledge of industrial design and architecture. It manufactures prefabricated structures using bolts and nuts.

Creativity, innovation and distinctive thought are the attributes of this company that a number of valuable cooperation with investors and local and international organizations have been resulted. Academicians and workshop experts with long experience at their disposal form the scientific and technical body of this company. 

Some of Important projects have been performed in countries and organizations as following:


Government of Iraq

Government of Indonesia

Government of Oman


Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran

Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, Ports & Maritime Organization

University of Tehran

Tehran Municipality

Iran Airports Company

Iran Air Force

Iran Khodro Diesel Company



possessed of an experienced team of experts, has been able to create beautiful and practical designs.


the company specializes in supervising various projects in relation to the company’s scope of activity.


Engineering Art of the Century Company enjoys the competence to carry out different projects on various scales.

Abbas Eftekhari, 
Founder and CEO


Mahsa Eftekhari, 
Personnel and Project Control Manager

Mahdieh Afshar, 

Sina Khalkhali, 
Industrial Designer and Executive Manager

Mohammad Azami,
Structural Engineer
Ashraf Karimi, 
Chairwoman of the Board


Parsa Eftekhari, 

Ehsan Shayesteh Nia, 
Architect and Adviser

Azadeh Eftekhari, 
Legal and Administrative Manager

Tahmineh Tehrani,
Marketing Manager