Art of Engineering

The “Art of Engineering” company was founded by Abbas Eftekhari in 2001 and after gaining various experiences it expanded its professional activities as a knowledge-based company under the new title “Engineering Art of the Century” in the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park in 2016. This Company is based on the knowledge of industrial design and architecture. It manufactures prefabricated structures using bolts and nuts. Creativity, innovation and distinctive thought are the attributes of this company. Academicians and workshop experts with many years of experience at their disposal form the scientific and technical body of this company. The knowledge-based “Engineering Art of the Century” Company, located in the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, benefiting from well-experienced staff specialized in various scientific and interdisciplinary fields of study, as well as having numerous records in its former company “The Art of Engineering”, is proudly ready to address the needs of our cherished country in different grounds.



possessed of an experienced team of experts, has been able to create beautiful and practical designs.


the company specializes in supervising various projects in relation to the company’s scope of activity.


Engineering Art of the Century Company enjoys the competence to carry out different projects on various scales.

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